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Wild Leather Belt - Beige Swirls

Discover our vibrant handmade wild leather belts, crafted from fabric scraps to uphold our zero-waste policy.
Each belt features colorful, hand-embroidered circular segments in hues like pink, blue, yellow, and green. The adjustable length offers versatility, with a handcrafted metal hook buckle that can be inserted at any point for a perfect fit.
These belts add a pop of color and texture to your summer outfits, blending tradition, sustainability, and modern design.

Length: 102cm
Width: 9cm

This unique belt was made with love and handcrafted by Ali and Soufian in Marrakesh, Morocco. It is an exclusive design for Devï, produced from leftover leather.
It features hand-embroidered raffia and a handmade metal buckle, making it a one-of-a-kind piece.
We hope you can feel the love & effort in every stitch.

Wild Leather Belt - Beige Swirls
Wild Leather Belt - Beige Swirls
Wild Leather Belt - Beige Swirls

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