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The Story behind Devi

An internship in India


The seed for Devi was planted in 2018 when the Founder, Debbie Kirsch, finished her studies in Biology and went for an internship of 5 months to Jodhpur, India to work with a women-empowering Social Enterprise called the Saheli Women during her gap-year. It was not planned to create a fashion brand but the love for the, at the time only 20 women, in the saheli women center combined with the urge to find alternatives for the increasingly fast fashion industry, she decided to create her first upcycled collection with the ladies made out of leftover materials & saris.




Meaning behind the name Devi


Devi, named after the Sanskrit word for "Goddess," is a tribute to the beauty and strength of women worldwide. In the Saheli Women atelier, a small temple with a Devi statue serves as a place for daily prayers and worship, both in the morning and evening, symbolizing a ritual and a source of positive energy for the team. Debbie, inspired by the resilience and radiance of the Saheli women, quietly admired their ability to stay positive despite challenging pasts. Consequently, she dedicated the brand's name to these women who inspired and supported her in creating Devi.




From a hobby into a business


While completing her Master's Degree in Sustainable Business and Innovation, Debbie passionately pursued Devi as a hobby, seamlessly incorporating and applying the pertinent courses from her studies to establish her business with a holistic sustainability approach. As the success of Devi flourished through the organization of Pop-Up events and raising awareness for sustainable fashion in Luxembourg, coupled with a surge in demand for eco-friendly attire, Debbie transitioned her hobby into an officially registered business in 2021. Devi proudly operates a flagship store in Luxembourg City since the same year.