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This item was made with love by the 'Saheli Women' social enterprise in Bikhamkor ,Northern India. Saheli Women is a women-empowering atelier that employs 60 female artisans.

The enterprise operates based on fair and inclusive principles, aiming to create prosperity through livelihood opportunities.
Additionally, through their clothing production, they sponsor the education of all daughters of Saheli Women members, as well as support a healthcare project.

For more information, please visit saheliwomen.com.







This item was made with love by the hands of Vishnu, Santu, Guudi, Babu & Shyam Lal. They are a family business based outside of Pushkar, Rajasthan specialized in selecting and working with leftover materials. Each item we produce with them is part of an in-house designed capsule collection. We hope you can feel the love & effort in every stitch.







This item was made with love by our brother duo, Deephak and Kishore, vintage fabric masters of Devï. After quitting their unethical jobs during the pandemic they became two independent tailors and joined our colourful ethical world. Now they can work flexible hours and send their kids to private schools. All their items are produced with grat care in their atelier in Jodhpur, India.






This item was made with love by the talented hands of Babou, Vimla, Kamla and Akash. A family business based outside of Pushkar, Northern India that established a vintage fabric business already in the 80s. Together we select the most beautiful high-quality vintage fabrics & saris to turn them into our signature Devï sari pieces. We hope you can feel the love & previous story of the fabric in each piece from our sari






This item was made with love by Shanti, Keva and Raju in Rajasthan, Northern India. They run a small family business focusing on collecting dead-stock materials and turning them into our unique Devï pieces. Through their flexible working hours and ethical salary, they can provide a sustainable livelihood for themselves and their children. Our Cotton-Trio is specialised in block-printing. This is the art of dying fabric from hand-cut wooden blocks.







This item was co-created with love by Mschid, Schirif, Radja and Ahmed - a small family atelier based on the border of Marrakesh. They’ve been working together for over 20 years, crafting truly one-of-a-kind items.
We hope you can feel the artisanal love and dedication in each piece.







This unique belt was made with love and handcrafted by Ali and Soufian in Marrakesh, Morocco.
It is an exclusive Design for Devï, produced from leftover leather.
It features hand-embroidered raffia and a handmade metal buckle, making it a one-of-a-kind piece.
We hope you can feel the love & effort in every stitch.





This item was made with love by Bahlul, Berkay, Gökhan, Ismail, Veysel, and Murat, a family- driven atelier in Istanbul, Turkey. With a team of 10, they specialize in crafting unique jewelry from recycled silver and gold.
Our creations are born from our hand-drawn designs.
They reflect a blend of artistry and sustainability.
Feel the familial touch in every detail.






This piece of jewelery was made by Vishnoy, a skilled silversmith based in Pushkar, where he learned this art from his father. Vishnoy's atelier is where he personally handcrafts each piece, ensuring both uniqueness and top-notch quality. Our co-creations reflect our shared love for vibrant gemstones and the elegance of clean metals like gold and silver. We hope you can feel the love & dedication in each of our creations