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Larimar Ring # Size 52

This one-of-a-kind ring is part of our Gem collection, where each ring is a unique masterpiece co-designed and handcrafted by Vishnoy, a talented silversmith from Pushkar, India, with whom we’ve been creating items for almost 5 years.

With natural gems, 92.5 sterling silver, and 18K gold plating, these pieces embody craftsmanship and elegance.

Material: 92.5 sterling silver and 18K gold plating

Natural Gem: Moonstone

Size: 52 (French Sizing, meaning 52 mm in circumference)

How to find out your ring size? Take a string, wrap it around your finger, and then measure the length of the string. This method helps you find the circumference of your finger, which can be matched to standard ring size measurements.

Care Instructions: Avoid wearing me in water or during showers, and remember to take me off when washing your hands.


Larimar Ring # Size 52
Larimar Ring # Size 52

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