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Shobha - Assistant Manager

Shobha is the assistant manager of Saheli Women’s Bhikamkor centre and a highly skilled embroiderer. Shobha uses the income she earns from Saheli Women to support her family, proudly providing schooling for her daughters. Teaching others embroidery is her joy ~ she hopes to pass these skills onto her daughters.

"I did not know anything when I joined Saheli Women, I had to learn everything from scratch, but I now teach the other ladies embroidery design processes and I feel that I am an important asset to the centre". IR 2020/21

"I am very committed to my daughter receiving an education. I will send them to school for as long as they want and will not do a forced marriage with them. I would also love to teach them embroidery, but they are not interested for now". IR 2020/21

Bhikamkor Center


Bhikamkor Center


Dhapu is highly skilled at creating tassels and pom-poms, beadwork and embroidery. The mother of three was one of the first ladies to join Saheli Women. Dhapu has become a strong advocate for women’s empowerment and girls education in her village, assisting with both the Girl’s Education Program and Female Health Program.

"I have changed so much in my life since joining Saheli Women. I earn my own money, I take care of my health, and all the ladies in my house earn their own money". Impact Report 2020/21

"When I first met Madhu, my clothes were dirty and I had holes in my dupata [scarf]. She gave me soap and told me all about her women's empowerment plans. I liked the way she spoke about the problems ladies face here, so I returned to the centre the very next day looking so fresh and clean. I loved so much having soap and going to the centre where there was so many women in one place, it was all so refreshing for me". ~ IR 2020/21

Bhikamkor Center


Bhikamkor Center


Bharti initially joined IPHD's Female Health Program team, before going through the Skills Development Program, she is now a proud member of our stitching team. Bharti loves designing her own work hours and being able to be with her children after school. Apart from three children, she now has six goats and one dog.

Bhikamkor Center


Santu is a highly skilled artisan and a respected member of our stitching team.

Bhikamkor Center


Bhikamkor Center


“Before I joined Saheli Women, Madhu used to come to my home and talk to my husband, she would advocate for my daughter’s education and for me to work full-time. Today I am a full-time employee of Saheli Women and my daughter will finish her school education soon. I am feeling happy and my life is very comfortable compared to four years ago”. IR 2020/21

Bhikamkor Center