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Suzani Chloé Bag - Creme

An Accessory with real colours and an even realer story

With our Suzani Chloé Bag we want to bring an ancient story back to life. The colours on these bags are all naturally created. It is the most sustainable way to die fabric. The red tones are created from pomegranates, blue from the indigo plant and green from leaves.

Attention: It is important that you don’t wear naturally died items in the rain.

And: If the product has a stain, opt for a local removal with water and soap.

Since it is made out of a very robust cotton as a base and a thick embroidery on top, the bag can hold a lot of weight. We put it to the test on a daily basis and it hasn't let us down.

Dimensions: 56cm x 39cm x 18cm

All Suzani bags are made out of leftover fabric. We make accessories in order to assure no waste and 100% usage of our fabric. We hope that you continue the story of this item with great pride to celebrate the uniqueness and love that has been put into every stitch of this piece of art. Want to know more about Suzani fabric?

The Chloé Bags are created by our vintage masters Deephak and his brother Kishore: a small family business in Jodhpur, Northern India, with whom we’ve been co-creating these special Suzani capsule collections since 2020.

Suzani Chloé Bag - Creme
Suzani Chloé Bag - Creme
Suzani Chloé Bag - Creme

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